By: Emily Bohill

These times call for us to slow down, to stay in our homes and prioritise health above all else. Take care of yourselves and each other. Read. Get a pair of comfy slippers (but dress smartly from the waist up!). Master video conferencing. This is your means of communicating from now on so make sure to put your best pixel forward!

Speaking of communication, now is a great time to be talking to people. In any ambiguous situation, people assume the worst. Make sure your colleagues and clients hear from you frequently and honestly. How do you want your leadership style to be viewed a year from now? Will they say you were measured or panicked? Strategic or ineffective? When you think back on this time, will you be proud of your actions and how you mobilised your team, reinforced cultural values and strengthened the firm for the future?

Maybe you’re fire-fighting, maybe you’re fortunate enough to have a balance sheet that can see you through these uncertain months and a war chest for acquisition – either way, we are heading in to the unknown. Whichever description fits you best, you should be thinking about the following:

What opportunities does this open up?

  • When Covid-19 is under control, what kind of business do you want to have?
  • Where do you want the firm to be? 
  • Where do you as an individual want to be? 

This will probably lead you to yet more questions – for some answers, we will shortly be publishing a piece on hiring in a Covid 19 world. You can follow us here.

Buckle in – we’re in for quite a ride! 

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