ESG In Action- July 2023

Delivering Impact and Responsible Real Estate Investment
Our first event in association with M&G Real Estate brought industry experts together to raise key issues and discuss solutions to some of the hurdles faced by all professionals implementing their ESG strategies today.
Part 1 of 3

Welcome and Introduction

Duration: 6.57

Part 2 of 3

Panel 1 - Exploring the challenges and actioning Net Zero

This first-panel discussion focused on the critical aspects of the real estate industry's efforts to achieve the 2030 milestone target, the availability of specialist expertise, and the evolving regulatory landscape.

Moderated by Pui-Guan Man - News Editor, EG


Duration: 42.54

Part 3 of 3

Panel 2 - Delivering social value to create communities that thrive

The second panel discussion centred on the social aspects of ESG: the growing need to invest in communities and the challenges around measuring social value.

Moderated by Emily Bohill - Managing Partner, Bohill Partners

Duration: 52.42