Our Client's Requirement

Hiring international sales talent to a German business

Our Strategy

Articulately expressing the ambitions of the business

The Outcome

Multiple placements in London and in Germany


Our client is an established, traditional German investment manager with ambitions to broaden their investor base. They needed to partner with a search firm equipped to deal with several major challenges:

  1. The business was culturally very German, based in a small town outside one of the big seven cities. They wanted help to internationalise the culture and way of working.
  2. The firm has a very strong reputation in the German market, but was less well-known internationally, and had never made a hire outside of Germany.
  3. They were looking to hire a number of specialists with relationships with institutions in the UK, the Nordics and Germany, as well as retail investors in Germany.


5 successful placements in London and in Germany.


As a London-based search firm with a huge depth of experience of working on capital raising mandates in the German market and internationally, we were perfectly placed to support this client. We invested time in understanding the ambitious plans for the business and the history of the brand to ensure that we could pitch the roles in the most compelling way, before thoroughly mapping the various markets. We also gave our client guidance on the London market (as they had never hired someone outside of Germany previously), and typical compensation and benefits packages.


We have now made five hires for the team: three based in Germany (the head of the international business development team, one to cover DACH institutional investors, and one to lead coverage of the retail investor market), and their first two hires in London (covering investors in the UK and Nordics).

'As both a candidate and then a client, Bohill Partners always gave me very high levels of service. They are exceptional listeners with superb judgement.'
MD hire & subsequent client